The Things You are Going To Love.

If you never had custom made software, you are in for a treat.

Reduce Managment Costs

Managing a big pool service teams comes at a cost of time and money. We can replace man maniging hours with automatisation.

Technician Supervision

People are lazy. But not when they know they are been supervised all the time.

Client Comunication

Let your client know how is their pool doing even if they are not there to see it, is going to give them more confidence in your pool company.

Automatization of Invoices

Sending invoices on time is tedious and error prone.
Leave that to us.

Insights In Your Company Performance

You are going to have access to data about your company that is going to anable you to make strategic decisions.

Everything In One Place

All your pool information is synced in the cloud and with the mobile app. You can make modifications in one place and continue in another.

Beautifull Android App

You can access the full system anywhere you go.

  • All the Features

    This is not a dumb down version of the system is the full thing with all the features. But on your phone.

  • Camara only Photos with Location

    Stop worring if the work is really been done. With this tools you can ensure that peolpe are where they sey they are.

  • Offline Usage

    If you dont have internet connection when doing a report. Saves the reports and resends it when connection to comes back.

  • Made with Love

    Hope you love using it as much as we love making it.

Ready in any browser.

Modern web application, so you can access your company information anywhere where there is a web browser.

Easy to use

Designed with ease of use as a priority.

Everything Synced

Everything gets synced in the cloud, all your information is in one place.